Top 20 women's singles tennis players through the 1980s by year-end WTA rankings


Individual or multiple players may be selected to highlight their progress throughout the decade. Years across the top axis may be selected to scroll the chart back, to make clear the rankings at the end of that season.


The WTA Rankings have been produced by the Women's Tennis Association since November 1975, for the purpose of determining entry and seeding in women's tennis tournaments. Ranking points are earned according to the stage reached and the prestige of each tournament, with the four Grand Slams awarding the most.

Data has been copied from the WTA Tour Wikipedia page for each year, e.g., 1982. Gaps in 1984 and 1985 have been filled with information taken from Tennis Abstract and Tennis Forum respectively.


Men's singles tennis players by year-end ATP rankings:

Women's singles tennis players by year-end WTA rankings:


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